Still not mobile friendly? Google update in May is looming!

“Seconds away, ready for round two!”

For those that dabble in what the latest Google thing will be or how it may impact your website, you may be interested to know that ‘mobilegeddon 2’ is on its way! If you can’t remember mobilegeddon 1 then it either didn’t impact your website at all, your website was already mobile friendly or you have no idea what is going on with your website.

Of course Google didn’t call it mobilegeddon, it was called mobile-friendly algorithm and was rolled-out last April 2015. Its purpose was to hunt down websites that did not work on any mobile device, once discovered the offending website would be penalised and the ranking impacted.

This second round is an update and not something brand new, the full details are as normal sat securely behind the walls of Google HQ, however simple steps of logic will lead us to a few areas of interest. First and most obvious, if you have a website that is not mobile friendly or you do not have a mobile friendly version of it then I would go and get some diving lessons, as you or anyone looking for you will have to look really deep to find you.

Other areas of interest for the update

  • Images would be another area, size volume etc!
  • Download speed
  • Geographical information
  • Page structure
  • Page titles
  • Page descriptions

‘Obvious’ I hear you say but in this ‘I want it and I want it now’ world we live in does your website respond to that attitude!

We used to call an eating house and say “I would like to reserve a table for next week!” we now stand outside and moan if we have to scroll to the menu!

This update which is speculated to be a slow roll-out from May will be unlikely to impact your web traffic if it is mobile friendly. It may have an impact if your mobile site is a bit ragged around the edges but it will hit you hard if your website is not mobile ready! As far as warnings go you have really had since April 2015 to get things in order!

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