4 Steps to Reach your Target Audience

It’s a question that every business should be asking itself, because without an audience, your content can’t have any impact. You need to sit down and really think about who your audience is; if you were them, how would you want to be approached?

Where would you spend most of your time online?

What would make you care enough to listen to what your company might have to say?

This is where we must learn to change our outlook from “How can I reach my audience?” to “How do I reach out to people who might care?”. But before you want to do that, you’ll want your primary website, your place of conversion, to be ready to receive these people. Because reach, as it turns out, is an invitation.

To reach is to extend your presence out such that someone else might choose to become aware.

Step 1 – Know who you’re trying to reach

We’ve all seen the drunken man at the bar who says to every woman in sight “You’re sexy, want to come back with me?”. This is how most people attempt to market themselves, standing there and shouting “Hey, I’m here, look at me!” But by saying this to everyone they see, they’re not saying it to anybody in particular. “I’m selling to you here!” is how most people reach out. Instead, offer help. Explain how you know their challenge, these people you’re trying to reach. What matters to them? When does it matter? What matters to them should be your priority.

Step 2 – Speak their language

Talk through what these people might want, phrase it in their terms from their side of the deal and make them know like you understand them and their troubles. Ensure that the content on your website will resonate deeply with your audience. You want them to understand and liken to you, because nobody likes to feel unintelligent. By coming across as a strong Mr-Know-It-All, they’re less inclined to listen to you and come to you for advice because they’ll feel like you’re not really listening to them.

Step 3 – Help them on their path to success

If you’re trying to reach out to others, do it in a way that helps them. Helping yourself is an after-effect, as is the success of your business. By helping your clients reach their goal, you should be reaching yours; customer satisfaction, a good starting base for your word-of-mouth reputation and a testimonial for you to showcase to future clients.

Step 4 – Make a clear entry path and help them decide

So now you’ve attracted someone’s attention, have shown and proved that your intention is to help them, make it really simple for them to know what to do next. Don’t just lead them into the wild and fend for themselves on your website and say “Yeah find it on my website”. Take them to a specific page, a specific item. Make it incredibly easy to go from “You’ve got my attention” to “I’m ready to evaluate whether this helps me win.”

How we work

We build our client base using the practice of sharing and teaching our knowledge to our clients. Building a website can be a daunting task for any small business and with every website we build, we ask the question “Who is your target audience?”. Knowing who your target audience is enables us as your designer and marketer to tailor your website to what we know they’ll want to see.
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