5 Reasons to Spruce Up Your Website and Attract Attention

Technology and trends move fast and if you don’t keep up, you’ll fall behind. Revisiting and updating your website on a regular basis plays a vital part in your website’s credibility and performance and I want to show you 5 reasons of why updating your website is undeniably important.

1. Search Engines love it

Google eyesEver wonder what the reasons are for Google not placing your website at the top of its list? Well, one of them is relative to how active your website is. A brilliant way to do this is to have a blog with regular posts. Have a “What’s New” or “Latest Activity” page where you can keep your visitors engaged and up to speed with the happenings and events either in your business or within your industry. Don’t expect Google to suddenly start placing you at the top, but their bots will look more favourably on an active website generating fresh content than a dormant one! Remember, Google’s aim is to deliver the most useful information to their users and if their bots can see that your website is up to date with regular viewers then they’re more likely to suggest your website in their results.

2. Shows You Can Communicate

To run a business successfully you need to be able to communicate. Naturally, we can all do this when face-to-face or on the phone but is this illustrated on your website? By sharing ideas, understanding problems and proposing solutions either through updated web pages or a blog, it shows that you know everything there is to know within your industry and that is why your visitors should choose you.

3. Keeps Your Visitors Coming Back

Our Reasons 2 and 3 go hand in hand here. The trick to keep your visitors coming back for more is to offer them something juicy to begin with. Whether that’s a free e-book or a consultation call, they know that before they’ve spoken with you, you’ve already got their interests in your business’s heart. The next step is to produce more content for your website (again, a blog, new e-book, video etc) and share it with your visitors – especially with your mailing list (if applicable). You don’t revisit a shop on the high street after a year and expect them to still have the same products. The same rule applies to your website so be sure to refresh your content regularly.

4. Creates the Right Impression of Your Business

Your website is amongst one of the first impressions that your prospects will see and you should treat it as your shop front; it needs to represent what your business does and looks like now, not what it did 8 months ago. Not only would you receive queries for a service you may no longer offer, it gives the would-be prospect the impression that you’re a dated business which in turn would mean that they wouldn’t recommend you.

5. To Demonstrate that Your Business is Well Organised

An up to date website shows that you keep on top of things. We understand that maintaining and keeping your website up to date isn’t at the top of your priority list so we want to turn it around in a different way and make you think about what and how your future prospects will feel when they land on your website. By demonstrating that you have the time to organise and refresh your website not only proves that you’re a proud, successful business but that you’re invested in them.

It’s not all about getting a new website done; fresh, updated and relevant websites are all about making your website accessible, viewable and editable.

If you’re interested in not only a new website, but one that you have the ability to control and change yourself when it’s set up then get in touch with us and we can talk you through your options.

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