The Importance of Weaponising Mobile Technology

The days of desktop dominance are over.

We are approaching a tipping point in mobile technology and with change, we as businesses must learn to adapt. We’ve touched on a similar subject on ways to keep your business relevant and although this is a relative topic, in this post we want to emphasise how moving forward with mobile technology and content marketing is crucial for your business to develop in line with the technology era.

Mobile is now on the verge of becoming a mainstream advertising medium and as a result, has become an appealing opportunity for brand marketers—enabling them to reach a pool of consumers that is growing by the day anytime and anywhere.

Facebook and Apple think aheadThe big brands such as Apple and Facebook think big and think ahead.

As I’m sure you’re aware, Facebook recently forced its users to download their Messenger app to allow people to continue to talk to their friends. If a user didn’t download the app on their phone, Facebook strategically advertised the app and essentially hassled the user with ads until it seemed like the only option was to download it.
There was an end game for Facebook and that was power, because he who owns messaging, and therefore what’s in everyone’s hand, also controls the distribution and the data. Controlling your data means access to what you’re doing, where you are, who you are messaging, what you’re interacting with, and who you’re interacting with. Getting consumers dependent on their content streams and then controlling their ability to chat with their connections is not by accident, but by design.
Apple, as another example, has just announced their Apple Pay system. While not an original concept, they’re the leading company with this new technology and have innovatively solved a problem for its users that they didn’t know existed.

Thinking big doesn’t always mean thinking conventionally.

Snail with big ideas

The brands have made solutions to problems we didn’t know existed and we have found ourselves grateful for the fixture of these invisible problems. What we as small businesses can take away and learn from the big brands is to fix these invisible problems for our customers. A recent study shows that in the last year, mobile users has increased from 47% to 60% and desktop users have seen a decline from 53% to 40%. What this means is that a majority of your customers will find your website or hear about you through their phones.

That’s great, right? Correct. However, what isn’t great is a problematic website on a mobile platform. You have approximately 3 seconds to grab their attention and make them want more.

That’s not going to work if your website or content is dated and/or they have to work to find it. This new era of technology is all about making (potential) customers lives easier, without them knowing there was anything wrong. The study also pointed out that 25% of mobile app time was spent on Social Networking, another reason why companies need to get on board with their client-base via social media.

There is no formula for the best content, it’s not Spandex and one size doesn’t fit all. Mix that complication with lack of know-how to create a responsive website and it can seem like technology is working against you. Take the time to open up a mobile browser, and see how well your website performs. If you’re not getting people to scroll and click, then you have failed. If they have to zoom in to see your small tabs or they are reading super small text you have lost them and they will bounce. Google Analytics is a brilliant tool for measuring how effective your website is and what your return is. Content personalization is a big buzz word, along with predictive intelligence.

The real question is — Is your content accessible and smart?

We touch base on how to use social media to your advantage here and if you’d like to get to know more about responsive website design and correct content then you can give us a call or an email. Our aim is to help you keep up; technology, content and design is constantly on the move and in this up and coming mobile era, we want to help you weaponise new technology and make it work for you instead of you working for it.

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