Time to Ring the Changes?

Networking IntroductionsAre you bored with what you are saying at networking events? The chances are that there are many attending that have not heard your pitch before. The issue is that because you’re bored of hearing it your intonation and delivery have changed over a period of time from an enthusiastic out-pouring to a kind of down-beat, grey noise. Time to ring the changes!

One of the most amazing things asked of me at one of my networking groups (NRG) was not “What do you do?” Instead I was asked to consider a slightly different question, “What are you for?” My head was spinning for days when I heard this, and yet it is so simple. The example I was given simply explained that if asked “What do you do?” the chances are you will recite what’s on your business card. This is kind of what we do sometimes when at networking events.

So ask yourself the same question “What are you for?” do you save peoples time, do you save people money, do you find the pain in a business and find ways to dissipate it?

A simple example that allows you to add value to your service.

Q.  What do you do?
A. I clean shoes, any shoes, I just clean shoes.

Ring the changes!

Q. What do you do?
A. I clean and polish shoes & boots, any colour, any size. When I’m finished you will be so pleased that your confidence will go through the roof, and who knows that might be all it takes to win your next deal. I see my job as making people look good!

A little silly I know, but it makes the point and it’s a good place to start when making changes to that famous 1 minute, or that most important introduction.

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