Pay Per Click, Authorship, What have we missed?

In the last financial quarter Google delivered $3.4bn in profits bringing its total for the year $12.9bn.

Before you roll your eyes and start muttering to yourself, this is Ok, it’s perfectly acceptable for a business to make a profit, isn’t that why we are in business?

So what has this got to do with me, I only have a small business and an average sized website so why should I concern myself with Google’s profits?

These figures are raised predominantly through PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising and Google will no doubt want to improve on these figures. If you were looking to improve the profit in your business; your advisor would no doubt tell you to look at your existing customer base and see if there are any other services that they may be interested in.

Google has an ocean of opportunity lapping at its feet, yes; you and me! It doesn’t take a huge leap to then see how the King of Search would shape its offerings to encourage us to get on-board with PPC.

Remember Google has invested a lot of money in Google Glass and if that doesn’t fly off the shelves, the pressure will be on.

Pay Per Click is still a bit like queue jumping and a battle of the wallets and I can see Google making this more attractive in the future.

Please don’t take this the wrong way, the more that Google promote PPC the more they will strive to perfect SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages) which is good for everybody and will provide better value for money for those advertising with them.

Google will go where the take-up is, the Authorship experiment shows this. For the last three years Othar Hansson (Google’s Head of the Authorship programme) along with his team have encouraged, educated us and measured the take-up of this project. In research carried-out by Stone Temple Consulting 70% failed to connect their authorship to the content they were publishing. I still think it was a good idea to align content with its creator however the public have spoken and Google have listened.

Let’s see what happens next, watch this space!

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