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WordcampUK 2011
WordcampUK 2011

This weekend saw the fourth Wordcamp UK meet up at Portsmouth University where a bunch of enthusiastic, likeminded people get together over a long weekend sharing knowledge, experience and a whole load of fun all based around the fact that we all use, in some way shape or form, WordPress to build beautiful websites.

As usual it was a great weekend, meeting many other creatives, developers, and all round enthusiasts who just enjoy sharing – which fundamentally is what WordPress is all about – sharing! The idea this year of the stickers worked brilliantly. 5 brightly coloured stickers defining what you do – Developer, Creative, Enthusiast, Theme Developer, Vendor – made it easy to network with people who do what you do, a very big thanks to Harrisment for putting this together.

Discussions ranged from WordPress in the Enterprise – how could WordPress become more suitable for use within the enterprise, to a Buddy Press update, to the enormously engaging, and very hot topic, of WordPress and SEO by the incredibly knowledgeable Nick Garner.  This was one of the hottest topics of the weekend, and I’m sure could have gone on much longer if we’d had more time.  I love the fact we are all sharing best practice, ultimately to give our clients the best we can offer.

The Saturday social was a great way to unwind! Great food, and a rare opportunity to chat to most of the delegates throughout the evening – it was only in the morning that my head  told me that maybe I shouldn’t have had that last drink….

Thanks to @pointandstare for pointing out the correct spelling of WordPress, thanks also to @jonnyauk and @harrisment_UK for an amazing WordcampUK website, thanks to @mkjones, @noeltook, @stinky_ink for the great notepads… I could go on and if I’ve missed you out I’m really sorry, but a huge thank you to everyone who made this weekend possible. Long may it last and long may you guys continue to love WordPress!!

Bring on WordcampUK 2012…

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