Microsoft will not call you!

Over the years Microsoft have been blamed for many things, for web designers like us here at LA Marketing & Design they have caused issues with changes to their browser, updates to their operating systems etc.

Of late we have received many calls from clients saying that Microsoft had contacted them by phone to do a check on their computer. They sound very convincing saying things like “I’m calling from Microsoft, this is a Government backed scheme to safeguard you computer, and it’s free!”

The caller then asks you to allow them access so that they can carry out a scan for viruses. The results come up on the screen as if by magic! They then suggest that you “Have a nice day!” and that you are all safe now.

Well you have just been part of a potentially expensive pantomime! The person on the other end of the phone was not from Microsoft at all!

You have just given some stranger access to your computer, they have installed several bits of spyware onto your computer that will feed back to them any keystrokes that resemble passwords and account numbers. Or in short, you have just opened your bank account to them, given them access to your Facebook and linked-in account and allowed them complete access to all of your files and emails.

Microsoft will not call you, they don’t know you on that level!

If anyone calls you saying they are from Microsoft you can take two directions, either take some contact details and then pass that to the police, or simply put the phone down. There is a third option which is to let go of any built-up frustrations that you might have and recite any series of expletives that come to mind. This is my preferred method for dealing with this scum!

Join LA Marketing and help to clean-up the internet, spread this message around to as many people as you can, you may just help save someone’s life savings from being stolen!

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