Why Infusionsoft’s rebrand to Keap is the best thing for small businesses

Well that cat is finally out the bag, Infusionsoft has officially become Keap.

Wait, what?!

Yep, you read that right. After 17 years of calling themselves Infusionsoft, they have rebranded to become Keap.

Understandably, this raises a BUNCH of questions. Firstly, Why? Have they sold? What does this mean? How does this affect me?

As Certified Partners, we were informed of this change late last year and have had the time and the opportunity to ask all these questions and understand the reasons behind it. From our perspective, as a business that strives to see other small businesses succeed, we’re pretty excited about this change!

What happened?

Ok so quick storytime. For the last couple of years Infusionsoft have been building a “new” Infusionsoft – a system that was designed to be more user-friendly but just as powerful as their flagship system (which has recently been coined as “classic”).

As time progressed it became clear that this “new” Infusionsoft wouldn’t necessarily have the same powerful abilities and features that “classic” has, such as e-commerce and the sales pipeline. It was therefore decided that this “new” Infusionsoft would become its own product – but it still needed a name and there was lots of confusion from Infusionsoft about WHO and WHAT this new product was for.

Last year (2018) we saw Infusionsoft change its brand colour to be purple, to reflect the exciting “new” Infusionsoft. They did this with little notice and communication as to what purpose the colour change served. Understandably, they were met with more confusion from a lot of partners and customers. Did this mean they were abandoning “classic”? What would happen to existing “classic” users?  Is “classic” still being maintained?

With all the growing and evolving that Infusionsoft did in 2018 they realised that this “new” Infusionsoft was a different product, serving a different audience. It couldn’t be called a variation of Infusionsoft because the flagship (“classic”) is a completely different, powerful beast.

So, a new product means a new name.


(and they ditched the purple wahoo!)

But it’s not just the name for the new product. This is where it can be a tad confusing.

Infusionsoft have changed their company name to Keap, which is now a two product company. In order to understand the rebrand, you have to understand the Everest mission they did for 10 years, and what is in their sights now.

Over 10 years ago, Infusionsoft had a BIG goal (which they called their Everest mission) and that was a 10 year plan to become the leader in sales and marketing automation for small business which brought them through to the end of 2016.

Once they had achieved their Everest mission, the big question was “well, what’s next?“, so that’s when their Mars mission was born. Their Mars mission is to simplify growth for millions of small businesses worldwide by the year 2030. Whoa, talk about goals.

In order to simplify growth, they needed to take their powerful software and make it more simple and more accessible for millions of small businesses.

To achieve this goal, they have two products:

  • Keap
  • Infusionsoft by Keap

Infusionsoft (the product/software) is still alive and well.

I think this is a smart move. By doing this they now have two dedicated teams supporting each product, and the rebrand of the company gives them a fresh start as they continue their mission to help small businesses succeed.

To quote them directly, “the name change is part of a multi-year company transformation to better serve small businesses like yours. With the new brand comes the recent launch of a new product, Keap, and enhancements to our original product, Infusionsoft by Keap.”

As Certified Partners, we are so excited about this rebrand and change because we can see that Infusionsoft now has a clear strategy to address and serve a much bigger small business market.

This is more than just a name change, this is is a company that has re-focused its goals, it has cemented a strategy and it has re-aligned itself with its target market. This is an exciting time for us as partners and for you as small businesses, and we can’t wait to see how this rollercoaster of a journey goes!


Why the name Keap? What does Keap mean?

Keap represents the very essence of the grit and passion small businesses put in each day to keep going, keep serving and keep growing. After being Infusionsoft for 17 years, they felt it was time to change their name to better reflect their mission to help missions of small businesses succeed.

On Keap’s new website they have aired a very poignant and emotional promo video which I feel truly captures the pain, struggles and true grit that it takes to run a small business.

Why is it spelt with an “a”?

Because it’s unique it allows them to fully own and build the Keap brand. Similar to Lyft, Froot Loops, or Google – they wanted to stand out.

Who is Keap for?

Keap is designed to be the stepping stone into automation. The gateway software, if you will. Keap is what you use if you have outgrown MailChimp but aren’t ready for the beastly automation that Infusionsoft has.

Keap has less features and functionality than Infusionsoft but that enables it to be more user-friendly and easier to use. The lower price means it targets small service-based businesses.

Has Infusionsoft been sold?

No, they have not. They have rebranded the company name to Keap and made Infusionsoft one of Keap’s products. They chose to change their name to better represent who they are and what they do for small businesses.

Do they/you still sell Infusionsoft?

Yes! Keap has two products, each aimed at providing different solutions for small businesses, but both will help you deliver great service so you can close more business.

  • Infusionsoft by Keap is geared toward helping service providers grow and scale their business with powerful CRM, sales and marketing automation
  • Keap is a smart client management software for small service businesses that need help turning incoming leads into satisfied clients

Are they still investing in Infusionsoft?

Yes they are. Infusionsoft by Keap now has a dedicated support team whose purpose is to maintain and continue improving the software.

How does this affect me?

If you have an Infusionsoft app then the software will remain the same, but your subscription bill will now come from Keap and the company logo in the app will change to Keap’s logo.

If you are a Keap customer then you’ll see your app change colour from purple to the new green brand. Again, your monthly subscription bill with come from Keap.

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