How to fix the 3 leaks in your business

By adopting the Perfect Customer Lifecycle

So maybe you’ve been running a business for a while now, and you have regular customers, regular enquiries and business is ticking over.  This is the regular customer lifecycle within most businesses.

But how would your business benefit (and grow) if it adopted the Perfect customer lifecycle?  I might be being a bit presumptuous here, but I bet you can relate to these 3 areas of lost leads in your business.


Leak Number 1

You’ve invested in your website, it’s great, it’s mobile friendly and you tell all your clients and prospects it’s there.  You might even be looking at marketing it more by doing Facebook Adverts, or doing Google adwords, or advertise it in the local paper!

So how many people then go to your website and move on without leaving their details?  Have you checked the bounce rate for your website?   I bet you have a lot of visitors just bounce off your site and onto your competitor.   Your website should pass the 8 second rule by “engaging” with prospects and having a Call to Action there to Capture prospects.

Once the prospects have been captured, then how do you follow up with them?  What is your process?  Is it manual or automated?  If it’s manual, how often do you forget, or not do this in a timely manner?  And then they’re lost?


Make sure you have a call-to-action on your website and deliver a free service to capture your potential leads.

Then implement an automation campaign using Infusionsoft, which sets up a sequence of emails responding to the prospect encouraging them to take action.


Leak Number 2

This is probably the most common.  As a business you reach out via networking, Facebook, Google etc.  However my guess is that when an enquiry comes through you tend to deal with those people who are ready and hot to buy now – right?   Well guess what!  There are probably hundreds of people who are interested in your service – but not right now, maybe in 3 months, 6 months or 12 months time.  Well these are more “warm leads” that tend to get forgotten about because you’re too busy dealing with the “hot leads”.

Does this sound familiar?


Set up a long term nurture campaign to reach out to these warm leads, so that when they are ready to buy! Bingo! They come to you first because YOU are on their radar!  You have been sharing good updated information and advice with them on a regular basis and so you’ve been building the trust. That’s crucial when it comes to doing business with somebody.


So you have now built up a great relationship with your customer, done some excellent work with them, and they are very happy – so then what?  Bye, nice knowing you?  Surely not!

You’ve spent a lot of energy and hard work going over and above the call of duty to satisfy the clients needs and requirements.

Surely as you’ve done such a great job for them you’d then appreciate it if they told their connections about you?  So in other words they will then refer you to their contacts.

So how do you go about doing this?


Set up a follow up campaign that thanks your customer for their business and offers an incentive if they recommend you to someone else.  Result = more business from existing client and new referral coming through.  Multiply this by all your connections and you will see a strong and stable growth within your business.

So if you can relate to any of these “leaks” and would like help in fixing them, please get in touch. We’d be happy to help.

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