How to attract the right prospects with your Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has the reputation as the go-to place to grow your network online. Although often I meet people in business who really don’t understand why they have all these odd requests to connect to people they don’t know on Linkedin?  Does this sound familiar?

And should you even be on LinkedIn?

Well take it from me that LinkedIn is the BEST place to be and to connect to like-minded people. It’s a place to find your ideal prospects, your next job or network with your peers in your industry.

So yes, you should be on LinkedIn, however remember this.  LinkedIn provides you with all the tools to reach out and network, but it’s down to you to learn how to use them properly to make them work for your business.

And before you even start to reach out, take a look at your own profile to make sure it demonstrates your skills, expertise and experience in a way that will make you stand out from the crowd.  If your profile doesn’t show everything you do, this will impact your success on LinkedIn.

Here are 4 tips to consider:

Your Summary

It’s easy to just to list out all your services here, but don’t fall into that trap.  What some people fail to realise is that this is an opportunity for you to stand out from your competitors. It’s an opportunity to talk to your prospects about the benefits of “WIIFT” (What’s In It For Them).  When you’re writing your ask yourself these questions as if you were your own client.

  • Why should anyone use your services?
  • What will they get out of it?
  • How will they feel after they’ve employed you to carry out your services?

By answering these touchy, feely points you are more likely to attract the right type of prospect and it’s clear that if they engage with you, exactly what they will get out of it, and even better – how they’ll feel.  What impact will you have on their business?

Add Media Files

LinkedIn now offers the opportunity to add/upload media files to your profile. And with video becoming more popular than ever, it’s an opportunity for you to talk to your prospects, so they get a real feel about what you can offer.  People buy from people so share your story or your offering by uploading your video to your profile.

LinkedIn also allows you to upload more than one media file, I recommend that you upload any presentations you may have done, or any PDF’s that support and detail your services.

Don’t miss out on the media file opportunity.

Don’t write a CV

LinkedIn asks you to complete your employment history. It’s easy to perceive this as “Oh, I’ll just copy this from my CV”.

Going back to the Summary and your offering, remember the WIIFT.  TIP:  When completing past employment history focus on the skills and experience that you’ve learnt that are relevant to the work you do today.  Don’t write too much about the employment that is completely irrelevant to your position today.

Your employment history should tell a story with all the pieces of your previous employment joining together with relevant links.  Even if you’ve had gaps of work, or you’re jobs don’t align together, pick out the skills that linked each job to each other that are relevant to what you’re doing today.

TIP:  If it’s not relevant, leave it out.   But add in any qualifications, awards and memberships.

Be clear about how you people to connect with you

There are a number of ways you can do this.  I recommend that you become open to all new connect requests but then check out their profile before you actually connect.  Make sure they are a real person with a real profile.  If their profile is incomplete (!!) and it’s unclear what their intention is then it’s down to your discretion whether to connect or not.

Remember though, the more connections you have, the wider your reach, the more visible your profile is.

There are two ways you can state how to connect:

In your summary.  You can write a short line saying “Open to all connections” which means you’re actively looking for good connections, or:

In your settings there is an option to “Select the types of messages your willing to receive”.  See below for how to find this.

LinkedIn Contact

Linkedin Message

This gives you the opportunity to explain who you will and won’t engage with.  Once completed this will show at the bottom of your profile.

If you have any questions about Linkedin, please get in touch.

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