Google+ is a must-have for all business – here’s why…

Why Google+?

We all know that being found in search engines organically is in essence free marketing – and who doesn’t like something for free?

SEO (or Search Engine Optimisation) is a process that includes online and offline strategies that help the search engines to index your site and ultimately takes all of the information you give it and assigns your website a position on search pages.

Google, the main search engine on the internet, does this by using different signals to determine the quality and relevance of each page of your website. The most important among these signals is links from other sites. These links must be of high quality to rank higher in search engine results. A link from the BBC News site will be valued much more highly than a link from a small independent news sharing site, for example.

Google+ isn’t just another social media platform; it’s a powerful weapon in your SEO arsenal and having an active profile page with Google+ and linking it to your website (and vice versa) can help you increase search rankings for your website.

Google+ and SEO

Google-Plus-SEOThere are two mechanisms of Google+ that make it unlike other social media platforms. When it comes to Google+, the connection between search and social is unique. No other platform has the power of search in its relationship to your social media activity. And is it any surprise you may ask. After all Google+ is Google. But that’s not the whole story.

When Google+ entered the social media fray in 2011, it was met largely with scepticism. Joining an already crowded space with platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, many users questioned the need for another social network.

But Google+ is different.  Google+ has a strong effect on search not only because it is a product by Google but due to the construct and the power of it. Google+ entered into the social media race not just to compete with other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook but to improve search engine results.

So here are the four core benefits for Google search that Google+ creates;

  1. It enriches the Google data from Google users allowing its search engines to be more accurate.
  2. People create profiles on Google and search on web while signing in to Google, so Google can track the information of their identity, activity and their interests.
  3. Google+ captures much more information by simply measuring +1’ing, sharing and commenting on the network.
  4. This data helps Google to personalise organic search results in a better way.


All this leads to a greater influence on the web…


Google+ is now a huge social network (541 million users worldwide) so clearly has the power to influence brands on the web. People can reach your site via Google’s entire network, which will influence your search results.

How the Google+1 button can boost your search ranking

la marketing google plus oneThe Google+1 button is another tool that works in a similar way to the Facebook Like button, but works harder for you in terms of search rankings.

Aside from providing your readers a convenient way of sharing your content to their social media followers, adding a Google+1 button to your company’s web pages or blog, signals to the search engine that your content is relevant and credible. This gives your profile a boost in the search engine calculations.

Hubspot reported that websites that use Google’s +1 button generated 3.5 times more traffic from Google+ than websites that don’t have the button installed.

The use of the Google +1 helps your search engine ranking as well. Google announced upon that they will be using the Google +1 button as a social signal for website ranking on the search engine and will likely to be used on search quality in the long term. Each time someone clicks on your Google +1 button it adds to your credit on the search rank that adds more relevance and credibility to your website.

  • Promote your Google+ page
  • Create a suggested circles list
  • Leverage photos and content to connect with your audience
  • Establish your presence and wait for your audience
  • Get to know your audience on Google+
  • Use brand micro-circles for repeat business
  • Capitalise on Google+ search to show you’re there
  • Use Google+ hangouts to communicate with customers
  • Join others’ hangouts

Get started now with your Google+ profile – the opportunity is too good to miss!


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