The Google Clock is Ticking

Despite all of the noise on the internet over the last few months about making sure that your website is mobile friendly, it’s amazing how many haven’t got around to it yet!

Google (other search engines are available) is now starting to slap a few wrists! It’s a bit like leaving your car in a public carpark for too long, you just know that you’re going to get a ticket! Well if you leave your website alone and immobilised for too long, Google will penalise you!

Keep It Mobile!

Even in Google’s Webmaster Tools there is now a section for mobile health. It reports on any pages that are not mobile friendly and in no uncertain terms gives plenty of warnings regarding how it will affect your rankings!

Everything, Everywhere, Every Time!

It really depends on where you go to for your information and what sources you trust but to put some kind of figure work in here between 65% – 70% of websites are visited by mobile devices, it therefore stands to reason that if your website is not responsive; you may well be out of pocket! During my research I came across this report from Ofcom and it makes interesting reading. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) also has an interesting set of statistics; funnily enough! One of their interesting stats showed that in 2014, 38 million adults (76%) in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day, which is 21 million more than in 2006!

Furthermore, access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 24% to 58%. Technology isn’t going to slow down and those figures are only going to continue growing. It’s been said that 2015 is the year mobiles will take over and if you don’t keep up with that then you’re leaving yourself and your business open for a fall. You can read all the other facts and figures from ONS right here.

Don’t Park It, Move It!

Hopefully this has put some perspective on how important it is to get your website to be mobile friendly or responsive. Get your website into somebody’s pocket before you get a ticket!

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