Fancy An Easter Egg Hunt?

I know we’re a little bit ahead of ourselves here but in the spirit of it being Friday, the beginning of Spring and just being overall giddy with the weekends’ approach, I thought it best to share some internet delights with you.

A Light Hearted View of the Internet

You may or may not be aware of the fact that programmers do actually have a sense of humour, and the internet is no exception when it comes to these guys letting their hair down.

I have noticed looking back at some of our posts that it can all get a bit serious. Don’t get me wrong we take our work very seriously, as a Digital Marketing Agency our prime objective is to make our clients look the best we can possibly make them, that is serious!

Over the years though, I have come across a few hidden gems that make me chuckle either when you find them or when they are brought to your attention.

Easter Eggs in Gaming

For those gamers amongst you, the idea of unlocking an Easter Egg is not new. They are little treats that either give you more power, more wealth, more health, extra time and that kind of thing.

However few people are aware that under the very intense façade of these programmer folk there lies a dark sense of fun!

Does Google Have a Sense of Humour?

Well it would appear that Google can have a little giggle! In the Google search area simply type ‘do a barrel roll’ and hit search and the entire screen will do a somersault.

Type the search term ‘askew’ in the Google search bar and guess what!

Now try ‘answer to life the universe and everything’ and for those Hitchhikers Guide fans; you already know the answer!

How about typing ‘anagram’ into the search bar?

For the highbrow type in ‘recursion’!

Now for the more advanced among you, this maybe the first computer game you ever played! Go to Google Images and type in ‘Atari Breakout‘ and relive the good old days! Just press esc to get out of it.

Wikipedia have all of Google’s fun Easter Eggs indexed here for you to see if you wanted to find out what else they’ve got.

Mozilla Firefox Has Some Fun Too!

So for the last few gems we move away from the search bar and in Firefox’s browser go to the area where you directly type a web address.

In the address bar type ‘about:robots’ and you will get a nice little message about robots!

This next one is a little deep but quite funny. Mozilla was developed by ex-Microsoft folk and there was no love lost, to the point where they refer to Microsoft as Mammon. In the address bar type in ‘about:mozilla’ and you will see what looks like a biblical passage. The number that is shown would normally be a reference to the book and chapter but here it refers to the version and revision.

If you want to have a poke about inside Firefox then type ‘about:about’ in the address bar. But be warned only mess with the settings if you are confident in what you are doing.

Last but not least; if you want to see a list of developers who have made Mozilla then just type in ‘about:credits’ and they will be displayed in alphabetical order.

The list goes on…

There are countless Easter Eggs hidden about the Internet. If you know or have a favourite few then comment below and tell us about it  – we love a giggle! Happy surfing and remember to stay safe on the internet.

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