Facebook Timeline Changes, A Mindset Shift – 6 Ways to Change Strategy

Many of you may be aware that Facebook has recently updated its business pages to the new Timeline, and the feedback seems to be pretty good once you’ve gained a good understanding of how to maximise the new benefits.

So, having connected to a Facebook Webinar recently to learn about the new changes, I thought it would be a good idea to share them with you here:

1.   Not About Likes

In order to achieve good results, it is now NO longer about “likes”, but more about leads.  For bottomline results you need to now create ways to keep fans coming back for more to take action.

The previous landing page allowed you to have calls to action.  The new cover page does not allow you to do this in the same way, but it does allow you the opportunity to make your page more stimulating.

2.  New Specs for the Cover Photo

The new dimensions for the cover photo are:  851 x 315 pixels
Profile image spec:  180 x 180 pixels


  • No price or purchase information can be shown
  • No contact information, including web/email/telephone number.  All this information should be available in the About Us page.
  • Cannot use Like or Share within the image
  • No Calls To Action
  • Cannot use this space for any type of promotions
  • Cover photo not meant to have too many words – has to be primarily an image.

Please take note of these restrictions, ignore them at your peril.

3.    Change Your Strategy for Your Cover Photo

Here are some ideas how to switch your mindset to take advantage of the new layout:

  • Be more creative with your branding, see below some great examples:
Example of Social Fresh Facebook Page
Example of Social Fresh Facebook Page
Captain Morgan Facebook Page
Captain Morgan Facebook Page
  • List Building – use it as an opportunity to build your list,
  • Spark Curiosity,
  • Highlight your audience, and unique features,
  • Spotlight Your Content – Headline  your latest blog on the cover photo.

4.  New Timeline Apps

Custom Apps

  • Just as we all got used to calling the sidebar “Tabs”, this has now shifted to “Apps”.
  • Inside each App the spec is 810 pixels wide which gives you plenty of opportunity to share content and engage with your audience.
  • So the App still behaves like the “gateway” to reveal more content.  We now need to treat the visual of the App as the Call to action.
Great Example of Call 2 Action Apps
Great Example of Call 2 Action Apps

Thumbnail Apps

The new spec for the Thumbnail App is 111 x 74.

It’s possible to rearrange the order of any of your Apps, EXCEPT the Photo App, which will always remain in the same place.

REMEMBER:  A bunch of fans won’t do anything within facebook without doing and connecting outside of facebook.  Take a look below to see how this restaurant have almost replicated their website within their facebook page:

An App withn Facebook
An App withn Facebook

5.  Become More Strategic with the 3 Thumbnail Apps

  • Create a reason to click inside your Thumbnail – you are now able to change the image of the App and give it a call to action.
  • Rename the App itself

There is now NO default landing tab, therefore we need to create new stronger Calls 2 Action.
Use the unique URL of the custom app within facebook to drive traffic to it.  You can do this from  your website…

  • Supercharge your traffic with Facebook Ads.
  • Experiment with different custom apps to see which works.
  • Internal Facebook Ads – Run an ad, target all your fans and opt-in – go after the hottest client and keep them inside Facebook.

6.  Ramp Up Engagement

Use the new features to ramp up engagement.  The number 1 way to produce actionable results:

  • First impressions really matter, get people coming back for more.
  • Use more eye catching images
  • Create short videos to build trust and authority
  • NEVER post and ditch!
  • Ask interesting questions

So in summary, Facebook has been very clever with these changes – and I have no doubt that this is just the start of things to come.  But remember, Facebook offers small businesses and organisations a huge opportunity to reach out to the wider community and audience. Don’t miss out by not getting involved.  And remember, you all have until 30th March to try this out before Facebook themselves switch everyone’s pages.

If you want to find out more – like our Facebook page, I will be posting regular updates and blogs to keep you all up to date.


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