Are you frustrated your traditional marketing is not working anymore?

Here’s why!

Raise your hand if you want more customers in your business?

Raise your hand again if you want your website to generate those customers – AND automate the responses you give to these new customers!

Maybe this is you and your business?

Possibly you’ve been a bit frustrated that not enough people are finding you on the web?

Perhaps you’ve been dabbling yourself with Google Analytics and are not really understanding what it all means or how to implement the changes in your marketing.

Maybe your marketing plan isn’t quite working the way you wanted it to.

So imagine how you’d feel with your website generating plenty of traffic?  Imagine maybe you have a marketing strategy that is set on autopilot to double the turnover of your business and you have the perfect work/life balance.

And you feel like this because you’re fed up with churning and getting the same results, and nothing is changing apart from maybe your marketing isn’t working.

So the best time to have addressed this – with technology moving at a pace no one could ever have imagined, would have been a good two years ago.  However, that said would you agree with me that NOW is also the right time!

Would you also agree with me that you need a vehicle to help you achieve all of this?  No man is an island and it would be impossible to expect to achieve this on your own.

So let me introduce you to INFUSIONSOFT

Infusionsoft is the premier software that the TOP marketers are using now.  It does way more than your average autoresponder (Mailchimp for example).

To be successful in your industry today means you need to position yourself as the no. 1 go to person for the product or service that you offer.  To achieve this using the traditional marketing methods would be quite hard, wouldn’t you agree?

Wouldn’t it be better if business came to you instead?

Now it’s never been easier!  By creating CONTENT – can either be a blog, or better still a VIDEO.  This will be your primary driver to attract new business.  You must offer VALUE – and never be afraid of giving too much information away.  This is the best way of building your lists.

On your website you should have an OPT-IN.  By this you are offering FREE value to your prospect in exchange for a name and email address.

You can’t just meet someone for the first time online and sell to them.  Can but it’s not effective.  So you start to build a long term relationship with them by sending them CONTENT or VIDEO about how your services can help their business.

The more value you offer, the more interested people are going to be in your offering.

So how does this work in Infusionsoft?

Once someone has opted-in, then they immediately get the first Blog or Video.  Then 2 days later they get the 2nd blog or video BUT only if they’ve watched the first video.  However, IF they haven’t watched the 1st video, they will get a reminder to watch the first video again. And again, And again until such time as they watch it – or opt-out.

So once they’ve watched video 1, we’ll give them video 2, and when they’ve watched video 2 we’ll give them video 3, and this will be done over the course of say 10 days.

So now you are beginning to position yourself as an expert in your industry, build trust with the prospect and also credibility as a go to person for your specialist subject.

This is how marketing has changed.

In the past – 10 years ago – possibly you offered a FREE event – and about 65% of people would turn up.  Today, if you offered the same, you’d be lucky to get 15-20% who turn up.  And this is because there’s too much noise out there and people have seen it all before.

So Infusionsoft replaces that.

So have I captured your interest?  Want more details.  Sign up here for the next part of this story.

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See you on the other side.

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