5 Ways to Maximise your Website for growth in 2013

2012 was a great year. The Diamond Jubilee, The London Olympics and Andy Murray winning his first Grand Slam. All that preparation, years of physical training and hard work really did pay off for those that put in the time and effort.  And we all appreciated it, we all love to see others do really well.

This proves that almost anything is possible:

  1. with the right mindset
  2. with the right knowledge
  3. with the right support

Mount Everest
Mount Everest

In the world of digital marketing, the same principles apply. Attempting to shout about your business or brand above an ever increasing noisy internet is becoming harder; getting seen by your target audience on the internet can seem like attempting to climb Mount Everest.  It’s easy when the tough gets going to just stop or give up.

Well 2013 has a lot of challenges ahead for website owners now, to not just be seen but to generate business of value.

So I made it my mission to research what website owners will need to change in 2013 in order to have their website work harder for them, and without a doubt – it is now all about the content. Content marketing is king!  So here’s a list of ideas on how you can manage (and change) your website to keep it interesting and generating more traffic:

Use it as a Resource

Think about how often you get asked the same questions about the service or product you offer. Well instead of repeating yourself time and time again, learn to write it down in the form of a blog or an article on your website. This way when you get asked the same question again you can simply direct the enquiry to your website for the answer.

Win – Win!  Win you answer the question, and Win, you direct the enquiry to your website and get more opportunity to have them search your site for other answers – potentially keeping it as a resource for future reference… leading to a future customer!

Grow your list

There needs to be something of value available for the visitor.  If not then why would they be interested.  So think value and think about what information you can give away to encourage potential customers to sign up to your list. This needs to be clearly visible on the homepage.

Be clear in the action you wish your visitor to take on the homepage.

Learn how to copywrite – or outsource it

A lot of people start out with good intentions, but then quickly fall back into their old ways. Be honest with yourself.  Do you have the skills in house? Either commit to learning how to write for your website, or outsource it – not everyone has these skills, or has the dedication to commit to writing every week – let’s face it, it can seem like a lot of work – going back to climbing Everest again.

Success will only happen if blogs are written regularly – and clearly!  Half hearted attempts will only get you half hearted interest.

Communicate with your audience

So you’ve managed to capture their interest – biggest mistake is to then not do anything about it. Let’s face it you wouldn’t go to Everest Base Camp just to look at the mountain? So with your list growing nicely, engage with them via email – send out a newsletter once a week, let them know what’s happening in your world that will be of interest to them  – and most of all, keep them onside.

This is a great opportunity to reach out to new prospects with your products or services.

Make 2013 the year of change

It’s the old saying: “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  Nothing rings true more than this.  And now, as each and every website is crying out for your visit, your comment or your action – now is the time for change and to take action.

With the right mindset anything is possible – we reap what we sow!

What will you do that’s different in 2013? I would really love to hear what changes you plan to make this New Year that will grow your business online.

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