10 Poor Excuses NOT to have a Business Blog Now


Fair warning!  This is a rather pointed prod-of-a-blog, directed towards business owners and entrepreneurs, so if you’re not up for receiving a shove in the right direction, you may want to continue on with your day…however, if you are looking to grow your business for free, then perhaps you might be willing to hear what we have to say…

At LA Marketing, we are in the business of helping other business owners get the most out of their online presence, and it never ceases to amaze and frustrate us that the more we speak to people about the value of blogging and other forms of content marketing, the more we are blown away with lame and down-right daft excuses as to why these men and women are not jumping on the wagon and giving their customers what they are truly looking for.

So in this little post, we have decided to take a break from trying to convince small business owners about the incredible benefits of blogging and to embrace it. Instead, we’re going to talk about some of the bogus excuses we’ve been hearing more and more of these days.

“My company’s website does not currently have a blog because…….”

…I’m just not good at writing

You don’t believe you are any good at writing, huh? Are you telling us you’re not good at talking either?  We would be willing to bet you are perfectly able to talk to your customers about your services and products with great knowledge and enthusiasm…which is why we know you could easily start a blog article about what you do too.

Remember though, you do not have to blog alone. Do you have a spouse or a friend that could help edit and finesse it? How about a co-worker?

Frankly, we’re a bit tired of people blaming their writing skills for their lack of content marketing. It’s just like any other endeavour – we get better at something the more we do it. But it starts with an “I can” versus an “I can’t,” that much we’re sure of.

…I don’t have the time

So you’re too busy to blog, is that it? You mean to tell us that you don’t have 2-3 hours a month to produce 1 or 2 articles about a subject in your field? Really??

We all have to prioritise the activities and events in our lives by the level of their associated importance. Instead of saying “I just don’t have the time”, perhaps look at what activities (like the evening telly or that after work drink, or two) that are the real reasons giving you cause to make such a lame excuse!

…No one in my industry reads blogs

No one? Really? So are you telling us that not one person in your industry who is looking for your service or product doesn’t have questions before they buy? Are you inferring that every consumer in your industry is a natural expert and already knows everything there is to know about your business? Sure…….righto!

The fact is; Content marketing and blogging is the numero uno tool to attract new customers and grow your business.

For more on this subject, check out this recent blog post of ours; ‘Why content and distribution are important to influence’.

…I don’t have anything to blog about

Er…you do have products or services attached to the business don’t you?  You didn’t just pick the only industry in the world that is void of any and all information or interest?

In other words, start thinking like a consumer and stop thinking like a business owner.

…Blogging costs too much money

You’re right. I mean, considering starting a blog takes a couple of hours of your time (ideally once a week) yeah, you’re right that sounds incredibly expensive. I guess that’s why you’re still spending money every month to have a big ad in the Yellow Pages, right?

…Blogging Doesn’t Work

Good grief, the idea that blogging doesn’t work, in 2014, is just madness. So would you rather spend a relative fortune on pay-per-click advertising in order for your company to increase traffic to the company pages, rather than blog once a week or once a month and have the same level of result?

Various studies show that a prospective buyer will use organic searches 60% – 80% of the time. Moreover, organic search results gather up to six times more clicks than paid for advertising.

…Blogging isn’t for smaller, local businesses

Again, utter short sightedness lunacy. Blogging is absolutely the best tool (other than Google local business/search) to optimise a website for local search phrases. Considering that every business provides services in at least one geographic area, local blog optimisation is a real asset.

…We’ve been doing it this way for years

Isn’t that often the mantra of many business that were at one time extremely successful but have now slipped into extinction have said so assuredly before their demise?!

Newsflash: Just because it worked yesterday doesn’t mean it’s going to work today.

…I’m just not web-savvy

Well then get web-savvy or get some external help. Whilst web technology used to be a techy playground, nowadays (especially with the advent of Content Management Systems – or CMSs – such as WordPress), now any person, no matter their age or background, can become comfortable with updating their blog.

…I don’t know where to begin

If you’re really not sure just arrange to either give one of us a call in the office or pop in and see us and we can set you on the right path.

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